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Andre and Francois Moreau are a husband and wife racing team from Quebec, Canada.  Andre, a mechanic who runs Garage Andre Moreau in Cantley started drag racing in his youth and always wanted to run at Bonneville.  After aquiring the 1953 Studebaker and building it to run at      Bonneville, he finally had it ready to run in 2009,  The team decided to run it at the Maxon Mile in North Carolina as members of the East Coast Timing Association for shake down and then take it to Bonneville as a member of the Bonneville Nationals Inc.  The car was powered by a 417 cubic inch early Chrysler Fire Power hemi and Andre did his rookie runs and was able to attain a respectable but disappointing 139 mph.  The team was back for the 2010 Bonneville Speed Week with a another early Chrysler Hemi.  This engine displacing 395 cubic inchs with two four barrel Holley's powered the Studebaker to a speed of 183.807 mph.  The performance now improving was still far short of the 200 mph Andre was looking for.  In 2011 the Moreau's were back at Bonneville for timing trials at speed week with a fresh engine and Andre managed a top speed of 192.915 mph however valve train and handling problems kept him from attaining the 200 mph goal he had set.  Andre rebuilt the engine and improved the rear spoiler and spill plates on the Studebaker.  Andre and his lovely wife Francois arrived at the 2012 Bonneville Speed Week with hopes of breaking the elusive 200 mph barrier.  It was apparent that the engine and body modifications that Andre had made paid off in a big way.  Sunday August 12th running on the short course (3 mile) Andre broke the 200 mph barrier by .326 mph.  After making some minor adjustments to the engine and  again on the short course Andre went 205.684 mph.  With more adjustments made to the engines' timing and valve lash, Andre felt comfortable running the car on the long course (5 mile) turning 206.501 mph on August 15th.  Thursday August 16th found Andre again on the long course attaining a speed of 210.712 mph, breaking the 200 mph goal by over ten miles per hour.  The team was elated over the performance they had achieved and are looking to go faster in 2013.  Andre runs TORCO SR-5 20W-50 100% synthetic racing oil for the long runs at Bonneville and the TORCO SR-5 5W-30 for the one mile runs at Loring.


At Bonneville Speed Week 2012


On the long course  Bonnevile Speed Week 2012



Andre Moreau with the Chrysler FIRE POWER Hemi he will use in the 2013 racing season.  This is the same engine he used in 2012 but  Andre is going to do more cylinder head porting, a cam change to a Clay Smith mechanical roller with more lift and duration than was used this year and larger four bbl.(750 CFM) carburators. The engine is truly "Old School" using the factory cast iron block and heads. This engine has propelled this car to speeds over 210 MPH and what makes this performance even more impressive is the fact that Andre does everything himself out of his garage.


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