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Andre's Studebaker being pushed up to the starting line at the 2013 Bonneville Speed Week timing trials.  Andre has made some changes since last year.  The car now sports a high air scoop and modified air box for the dual four barrel carbs. 






    Here is the crew of the of the 9304 Studebaker with the getting the spare engine ready for installation.  The engine comming out had valve train problems that developed. 

March 3 2013 preparing to move the car to Rob Lancaster's shop to complete the work on the body,  roll cage, plumbing, electrical, guages, Lexan,fire system, steering, safety harness etc.

This photo shows Gary on the left and Rob with the car loaded on the trailer ready for the trip to Rob's shop.

Gary MacDonald and Rob Lancaster with LSR Studebaker

The car loaded and tied down.  We left Gary's in Valley Center, Ca. at 4:30 pm Saturday March 3rd Rob followed in his truck.  We headed North on the I-15 toward Temecula and about 19 miles into the trip the right rear tire on the trailer started loosing tread.  We pulled off to the side of the FWY and as luck would have it a Metro Tow (Fwy Assistance) pulled up to help and we had the spare mounted and was on our way in 45 minutes.  We finally arrived at Rob's Shop in Glen Helen, Ca. around 6:20 pm and had dinner at Rob's son Cory's house with his family.  I don't know if it was because I was famished but I sat down to the best BBQ'd steak dinner I ever had making the long day worth it.  That brings the Studebaker project up to date.  More to follow! To view next page (Click here)

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