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Another view of the firewall that Gary fabricated to allow the engine to be set back.




During 2008 I cleaned and freshened up the engine while Gary was working on the chassis.  In February 2009 I took the engine over to Bob Cousimano who is the proprietor of CMW Motorsports in Santa Fe Springs, Ca. to have the engine dyno tuned on his engine dynomometer.  A problem that presented itself during initial warm up  was the ignition timing.  Timing could not be set on the distributor and the cause was the intermediate drive gear (the cause of this problem did not easily present itself).  We took the distributor apart and found nothing wrong, then looked at the intermediate gear and it also looked good.  Finally we blued the distributor shaft blade and found the intermediate shaft was just barely engaging it.  The problem was solved by purchasing and installing an Enderle Mag/Oil Pump Drive that eliminated the intermediate shaft.

Fuel Injected 426 hemi land speed racing Stude

With the installation of the new Enderle Mag Drive unit it was necessary to change the distributor.  A Mallory Super Mag IV was installed.  The engine was fired up and the Mag set at 34 degrees. An initial pull was done to verify timing was stable (which it was).  It was during the subseqent pull that another problem presented itself that would delay further testing on the dyno for another week and a half.  The tiny screws that hold the injector butterflys on the shaft on the drivers side of the engine had loosened up and backed out of the shaft and were injested into the engine.  The engine was torn down to asses the damage and luckily none of the cylinder walls were touched.   Three pistons were damaged and two cylinder head combustion chambers had screws embedded in them.  All of the pistons were re-machined to match.

Fuel injected 426 hemi on dyno

Bob repaired the cylinder head in short order and did a beautiful job.  When he was finished you could not tell those two chambers were ever hurt.  The engine was reassembled and with the lash adjustments made and lubricant in the pan the engine was ready to run again on the dyno.  Bob ran a number of pulls on 110 octane racing gasoline to check the engine for any problems before switching to fuel.  The engine made 597.2 hp @ 6300 rpm and 510.3 lb/ft of torque at 5300 rpm which is not bad for an engine that went from 14.7 to 1 compression down to 10.25 to 1.

Bob Cousimano and Wayne Koeppe changing nozzles and jets getting the engine ready to run on fuel. Wayne Koeppe a friend of Bob's for many many years is a top engine builder and tuner in his on right having run many of his own top fuel dragsters since the late 1950's.  He has worked with Fritz Voigt, Leland Kolb and partner with the late Lou Gasparrelli with their Vega top fuel funny car.  The engine was run on straight Methanol Alcohol with an Enderle 80a pump and made 703.2 hp @ 6500 rpm and 596.8 lb/ft of torque at 5900 rpm  with a very safe tune (on the rich side).  The engine was then run on 25% Nitro Methane, Bob found that the 80a pump was inadequate for higher rpms and changed to the Enderle 110 pump that I had.  The engine made 810 hp @ 6500 rpm and 704.3 lb/ft of torque at 6300 rpm again with a very safe tune.  Next page (Click here)

Bob Cousimano and Wayne Koeppe working on Hemi

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