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Photo of the car at Rob Lancaster's shop.  The car will be completly disassembled and the engine removed for cleaning.  A rack and pinion steering from a Mustang II  and collapsable steering column is on order.  Rob and I have started a punch list which is very lengthy.  We are starting at the front of the car and will work our way to the rear.




This is a shot of the Fiberglass dash installed.  It has to come back out to have the holes for the guages and switches drilled in it and the engine turned sheet metal that will be attached to the guage panel.  We will start on the cage and tin work after the steering and front shocks have been installed.  Secondary flooring still needs to be fabricated and lexan glass needs to be ordered, cut and installed.

The cowl sheet metal will to be finished off when the engine is pulled out for clean up.  The air box needs to be modified to allow for priming the injectors prior to start up and the exhaust headers will be coated.  Inside sheet metal still needs to be fabricated for the engine compartment and wheel wells.  Fittings need to be installed in both the water and fuel tanks.

Another photo of the engine compartment.  the front braces will be changed and the front motor mounts are going to be changed.  The existing  mounting plates need to be thicker and made to accomodate the addition of a vacuum pump.  Penetrations in the firewall need to be made for lines, throttle control cable, fuel shut off cable, fire suppression system and steering column.

The rear quarter panels will have bracing on the insides to keep them from moving at high speed and door handles will have to be ordered that will work with the Bear Claw latches.  The rear deck lid spoiler and spill plates need to be engineered and fabricated, the spoiler will be adjustable.

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