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 MRP Motorsports and TORCO Oil sponsored Nostalgia drag racer Stormy Byrd and crew with his beautiful Blown Alcohol modified roadster  "Revelation " and three other American Nostalgia drag racers were invited to attend the the Taupo Dragway festivities as members of  "The  Yankee Invasion."  This is the first time an American racer has been on New Zealand soil since 1977 when the famos L.A. Hooker Top Fuel Funny car ran down under.  The four car American race team also included the crewmates and drivers Randy Walls with his Super Nova AA/FC, Army Armstrong with his "Revelleader" AA/FC and last but not least Randy Winkle in his "GreenGo" AA/ F Modified Comp Coupe.  The team which included Ms. Anna "Octane" Marco who is the Senior Feature Editor of Koolhouse Publications, intergal part of the  Byrd/Winkle/Famoso Mob team and MRP Motorspotrs Spokswoman left Los Angeles, California for New Zealand on December 24 2012.  On a personal note, Stormy had to overcome his fear of flying for this trip adding to the personal signifigance of it.  There were actually two seperate events that took place.  On December 28 - 29 2012 was the Nostalgia Nitro Reunion and January 2-3 2013 was the Meguiar's Summer Nationals which had 138 entries in the various classes.  Stormy and his Revelation took Nostalgia Eleminator (7.50 index class) and was runner up at the Summer Nationals.  Ms. Anna " Octane" Marco received her first spcial award on Stormy's team as Taupo Dragway's "Best Back Up Babe"  Stormy has used TORCO oil exclusivly in his vehicles since 1969. He uses the TR-1 20W-50 weight in his Blown Alcohol engine and 85W-140 Racing Gear Oil in his rear end.  Stormy, Anna and their team mates will be at the AAA (Famoso) raceway in March 2013 for the March Meet in Bakersfield.   Congratulations to the American team for the great show they put on and I understand that the KIWI's want them back.  Congradulations also to Stormy Byrd and his NE1 win and runner up at the Summer Nationals and last but cerainly not least congratulations to Anna Octane Marco for her special award as Best Back Up Babe, she is that!

 The GreenGo AA/FMC of Randy Winkle puling up to pre stage Taupo Dragway, NZ

                                                           Anna Octane and the GreenGo

Randy Walls and his Super Nova AA/FC doing a burnout at Taupo Dragway, NZ

                                 Army Armstrong and his Revelleader staging.

Army Armstrong and his Revelleader

                                                        Anna and Stormy at the garage

Anna with Randy Winkle in the garage                                                                 


















Anna Octane getting Stormy in the groove.

Anna Octane getting Stormy in the groove.  

Stormy boiling the hides the whole length of the track at Taupo Dragway, New Zealand.


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