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April 2012

To: MRP Motorsports; I’m writing you this letter to thank you for all of your support and information regarding your TORCO oil.  I also wanted to tell you how much I really appreciated your quick response in providing me with racing fuel when I needed it in a pinch.  Regarding the TORCO oil, I have a turbo charged VW running 25 lbs of boost and since this motor was built it had a tendency to smoke quite a bit and did not want to idle when cold.  I was told by my mechanic that this is normal so I went with that, but once I switched to the TORCO oil not only does it start right up and idle when it is cold but it has stopped smoking completely, in addition the engine and oil temperatures have dropped which are all good signs that this product works.  I’m interested in having the engine dyno’d again just to see how much horsepower was gained because I do feel it.
Again I would like to thank you for your support and I am recommending your products to my friends and fellow racers.  Your products work!

Roger Hammonds

June 2012

Hey Guys, you and your ZEP Zinc Additive rocks! I got better performance and gas milage out of my old 289 V8 with my last oil change.  Thanks for the tip on this product and keep up the good work. Send me a case, will ya?!!!

Anna Marco   
Senior Feature Editor 
OL' SKOOL RODZ magazine   





 December 2012

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               I have been using TORCO lubricants since 1969 when I raced motorcycles, TORCO                                                                                              is the only oil I use and trust in my blown fuel modified roadster Revelation.  This oil                                                                                          does not show any signs of fuel dilution and routine engine tear downs have shown no wear or                                                                              piston scuffing.  I use the best parts that money can buy in my race car and I won't                                                                                                trust them to a cheaper motor oil.   Stormy Byrd

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